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SPI Seminar on Hungry Ghosts and Ritual Experiments of Journey to Hell to Meet Them, by Master Wilson
on 23 August, Saturday

Do you believe ghosts exist? In this event, it would be your very chance to come close and verify their existence.

In this interactive seminar, we have invited two guests of honour, (1) Mr. Tony Kern - the director of the Hungry Ghost Movie, and (2) Master Wilson from who is a metaphysics expert from Malaysia, both to share the insights over the phenomena of Hungry Ghosts with us.

By the courtesy of Tony Kern, segments of the movie "The Month of Hungry Ghosts" would be screened. Explanation by the experts would be narrated along the way, interactively with your Q&A.

This is an excellent opportunity to find out the phenomenon of Hungry Ghost, from multiple perspective, as well as practical experiments.

For the very first time, a ritual experiment of Journey to Hell to Meet The Good Brothers will be put under test from a scientific perspective during the event. You would be invited to partake in our gadget detection, by having hands-on experiences on our latest 2nd generation of ghost hunting gadgets, imported from United States, that are unparallel to which of any other group.

In addition, a parapsychological post-analysis would be carried out in order to rationally explain the unexplained. Is spectral phenomenon a matter of subjective experience or real physical existence?

This gathering night also includes other interesting activities, such as declassifying our latest SPI investigation files, story sharing and other experiments.

The theme of this year's SPI Hungry Ghost seminar is pivoted on exploring what Hungry Ghosts really are - facts or fiction? Cultural belief or cultic? Supernatural or superstitious?

Don't miss out this facinating and truth-seeking educational event.

Date / Time:
Saturday 23 August, Afternoon till dawn
(Chalet check out at noon the following day)

Chalet TBA

Price includes a delicious buffet dinner, drinks and refreshment breaks
$25 for the public
$20 for SPI Friends
$15 for SPI Agents

Comfortable casual wear or SPI t-shirt
Advised to bring along a second set of clothing for chalet

How to get there:

Advised to bring torch light, camera, some snacks and drinks, and insect repellent. Bring a towel and toilette in case you use the chalet facility
Personal belongings are advised to put in a lockable bag

Email the following details to with subject "SPI Hungry Ghosts Seminar and Experiments"
* Your full name
* Your SPI forum nick (You are welcome to join our forum if you aren’t a forum user yet: Click here)
* Your I/C number (for security reasons)
* Your email address
* Your contact number (It is very important that you provide a contactable number)
* Indicate your membership (e.g. SPI Agents, SPI Friends, or public)
* Indicate if you would like to be a volunteer or observer during the experiments
* Indicate what food you would like to bring for the potluck BBQ
(Updates on the food items will be posted at the forum)
No need to bring anything but a good appetite. There will be a FULL 9 COURSES BUFFET DINNER (Halal) provided for everybody Smile

Payment will be collected in advance. More information will be emailed to you upon email registration.

Sales of books and SPI t-shirts, and will be available during the events. (Please drop an email to to pre-order)

Our itinerary may change without prior notice, should the situation changes

For more information about SPI Friends and Agents membership, click here.

Book now, come along with your friends for this exciting SPI Hungry Ghost Seminars. Quotas are limited to only 40, book early now to secure your seat.

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