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Cosmic Healing Disc


The disc was created based on sacred geometry design, that incorporate the I Ching hexagram, the eight pointed star and Yin Yang symbol of the Tai Chi. Over the years of practicing Taoist esoteric art of drawing talismans, I am able to transmit my psychic energy into talismans. On an average I get about more than 50 emails a day requesting for various types of talismans, i.e. wealth, health, success, getting rid of spirit attachment, prevents harm from sorcery, relationship issues, etc…

The response was overwhelming most who had tried the talismans would email me and gave me positive feedback.

During this period I tried numerous experiments on “Sacred Geometry”, studying various occult symbols; pentagram, flower of life, star of david, star of betlehelm,  mandala from hindu tradition and Buddhist tradition, yant motives from Thailand and Cambodia; the use of yantra from various acharya and yogi. I would feel its subtle energy by sensing the energy radiated from each of these symbols. I would conduct an experiment by testing the symbol using water. A glass of water would be exposed to each of the symbol while another glass of water is used as a control sample. Results of the taste of water would either taste sweet, palatable, or very strong taste of waste or sediments from the tap water.

Seeds of mung beans are also used they are sprinkled with tap water exposed with the symbol while the other are with ordinary tap water.

Astonishingly the results vary from one symbol to another some would cause the plant to grow faster and healthier while some would stop growing or stunted. If such results can be visible with such simple tests, what would happen to our general well being if we were exposed to these symbols?

It is as essential to life as food. In fact, you can go much longer without food than you can without water. This is not so surprising when you realize that water constitutes about 85% of the brain, 75% of muscles, and 70% of the total body weight. Have you ever wondered about the effects of water on our health and well-being on a deeper level than just hydration.

For ages each of us may had in possession of an amulet or good luck charm which we treasure dearly. It can even be now dangling on your neck, while you’re reading this it could be your family heirloom a medallion, a pendant, or any particular articles. Could that be the cause of lack of energy, spade of bad luck, or vice versa (if you happen to be having a great powerful symbol). By wearing these pendant, symbols, amulet you are indirectly altering the water in you i.e. your total well being!

At all cost get rid of it if you are now aware that it causes more calamities instead of granting you better conditions. You may not believe how much harmed it had done to you previously, contemplate all past events whether it’s a mishap or fortune while you were wearing it. Any particular event that may has an impact on you?   

If the answer is a resounding “Yes” then you need to decide whether you should continue having it or get rid of it once and for all. You can only decide for your self if you want any changes and abundance to come into your life.



Shows an average Energy reading on the devices.       



   Holding the Cosmic Healing Disc shows a  Higher Energy reading on the device.



Showing the effect of the Cosmic Healing Disc pendant on the color of a subject's etheric energy field.

                                       Wearing Cosmic Healing Disc pendant

Aura brighter, auric field extended, Purple suggests: spiritual levels; honor, self-esteem
Magenta signifies: spiritual energy

“Mantra”, certain mantra when recited had a profound and calming effect on well being. As well as develop an ability to feel subtle energy. 

I had also tried listening to, Satanic verses or chanting it was horrible I could immediately felt its effect on me i.e. anxiety, anger, hatred, agitation, depression, disorientation and emotionally unbalanced. As reported some college students who listen to songs from rock bands with satanic lyrics commit suicide throughout the world.   

It finally dawned on me that, sounds are emitted as a waveform, similar to a wave in the ocean. These waves of sounds are measured in cycles per second (called Hertz and abbreviated as Hz). This measurement is known as frequency of sound. For slow-moving waves make bass sounds, whereas fast-moving waves make treble sounds.    

The piano can generate the lowest bass sound and has a frequency of 27.5 Hz. While the highest note on a piano make a treble sound and has a frequency of 4,186 Hz. We may hear in the region of 16 Hz to around 16,000 Hz. For younger people whose hearing has not deteriorated due to auditory damage or age can hear up to 18,000 Hz or higher.

If we can’t hear a sound it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exists. Dolphins can project and receive frequency of 180,000 cycles per second. That is almost ten times beyond our limit of hearing sound.


Dr Tomatis discovered the power of chant after visiting a monastery in France. The new abbot had stopped the monks chanting. The Benedictine monks normally chant for six to eight hours a day. The abbot believed that the Gregorian chant served no useful purpose and that without it they could recapture that time for other things.

The monks had been chanting in order to ‘charge up’ themselves, but they hadn’t realized what they were doing. As the days passed they became more and more tired. A procession of doctors came to the monastery over a period of several months. They changed the monks’ diet and sleep patterns but the monks became more tired than ever.

When the abbot called in Dr Tomatis in February 1967, Tomatis found 70 out of the 90 monks ‘slumping in their cells like wet dishrags’. He reintroduced their chanting immediately. By November, almost all of them had gone back to their normal activities, their prayer, their few hours of sleep, and their arduous work schedule.


Dr.Masaru Emoto

A Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, wanted to discover a way of scientifically evaluating water quality. He decided to freeze samples of water taken from different sources to compare their crystalline structure. When pure water crystallizes it forms a pure crystal; would contaminated water also form a pure crystal?

Water was placed in petri dishes in a freezer for two hours, then placed under a microscope and photographed at a magnification of 200-500 times. Although the crystals that formed were all unique, the crystals from water of the same source were all similar in shape. Over a four-year period his team took 10,000 photographs.

Tap water from Japanese cities generally would not form complete crystals. Tap water from London formed no crystals at all. Spring water generally produced the most beautiful crystals, as did water from holy places such as Lourdes.

Masaru Emoto’s next experiment was playing music to water. He placed distilled water in between two speakers and played one piece of music fully at normal volume. Then he froze the water.

Classical music produced beautiful crystals of slightly different colours. Healing music, a Tibetan mantra and folk music also produced beautiful crystals. Heavy metal music produced a pattern that looked like a crystal that had exploded into a thousand pieces. Japanese pop music produced ugly square-shaped crystals rather then the normal hexagonal ones.

Since our body is made up of 70% water, Masaru Emoto’s work demonstrates that we are constantly being influenced by the sounds around us and by the information stored in the water we consume.

Fabien Maman

In 1974, Fabien Maman was working as a professional jazz musician. He noticed that certain musical keys had an energizing effect on both the musicians and the audience.

Fabien worked with the French physicist Joel Sternheimer. Sternheimer had discovered that elementary particles vibrate at frequencies in accordance with musical laws. They found that body tissue, organs and acupuncture meridians each have a musical note.

A few years later, Fabien met Hélène Grimal, a senior researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris. They devoted a year-and-a-half to study the effects of sound on normal and malignant cells. Using drums, gongs, flutes, guitar, bass and a xylophone, they investigated the effects of sound on healthy blood cells, haemoglobin, and the ‘Hela’ cancer cell from the uterus.

They found that even at 30-40 decibels the sound always produced noticeable changes in the cells. As the sounds progressed up the musical scale there would be an ‘explosion’ of the cancer cells at a certain frequency as the sound travelled outward from the centre of the cell to its outer membrane. The experiment yielded the most dramatic results when the human voice was used.

Fabien says, ‘Near the end of the scale, usually around the seventh interval, the cancer cells exploded. It appears that the cancer cells were not able to support a progressive accumulation of frequencies.' (4) ‘The healthy cells appeared supple and able to freely receive, absorb and return the energy. In contrast, the cancer cells appeared inflexible and immutable in their structure.’ (5)



Hela cancer cells being broken up by the musical scale played on a xylophone (6)

In experimental sessions on actual cancer patients, the music produced equally astonishing results. Female volunteers with breast cancer were taught to tone the whole scale, using a violin to keep a base note for 21 minutes at a time. They spent 31/2 hours a day doing this for a month. One woman’s tumour disappeared completely. (7)

Fabien Maman took healthy blood cells and played a xylophone to them. He photographed the changes in the electromagnetic fields around the cells using Kirlian photography. Subjected to a chromatic scale of frequencies, the slight difference of a half tone would produce a completely different shape and colour in the energy field of the cell. He found that the note ‘C’ made them longer, ‘D’ produced a variety of colours, ‘E’ made them spherical and ‘A’ (440Hz) changed the colour of their energy field from red to pink.

In his next experiment, Fabien took a sample of blood from a person’s finger. He then asked the person to sing the seven notes of the major scale to their own blood cell. With each note, the cell’s energy field changed its shape and colour. When the person sang an ‘F’ to their own blood cells, the cells resonated perfectly with the voice, producing a balanced, round shape and vibrant colours of magenta and turquoise.

He says, ‘The cells are completely bathed in light and alive with full resonance, clear evidence that this ‘F’ is the fundamental sound of the singer… Fundamental sound can be very helpful for the physical body through its harmonising and regenerating effect at the cellular level.’ (8)



Blood cells responding to the sound of a person's voice (9)

From his experiments, Fabien concluded that, ‘In the human voice there is an added element which cannot be found in any other instrument… The human voice carries its own spiritual resonance… This difference, evident from the photographs, is what makes the voice the most powerful healing instrument – particularly when the person needing the healing produced the sounds with his or her own voice.’ (10)

Jim Oliver says that the body responds to sounds that we cannot hear. He says, ‘We put the selected sounds exclusively into a pair of headphones and put them on a client’s ankles. They responded to the sound even though their ears could not hear the sound. Once you vibrate a part of the body the blood cells carry this resonance to the whole body very quickly.

Don Campbell

Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect, shows how music, particularly Mozart’s, has all kinds of beneficial effects for human health. Scientists suggest that listening to Mozart helps us to improve our powers of concentration and enhances our ability to make intuitive leaps, by organizing the firing pattern of neurones in the cerebral cortex. (14)

The foetus prefers Mozart and Vivaldi to other composers. When pregnant mothers listened to Mozart and Vivaldi, the babies’ heart rates invariably steadied and kicking declined. Rock music ‘drove most foetuses to distraction’ and they ‘kicked violently’ when it was played to their pregnant mothers. (15)

Slower tempo music slows our breathing rate. The human heartbeat will tend to match the rhythm of music. Listening to Pachabel’s Cannon, for instance, at around 64 beats per minute, the rate of a resting heart beat, will slow our breathing rate and heart rate and change our brain wave pattern from beta to alpha. Music will also calm our nervous system and affect metabolism.

The pitch and rhythm of music influence the limbic system, affecting our emotions. Scientists concluded that preferred music ‘may elicit a profound positive emotional experience that can trigger the release of hormones, which can contribute to a lessening of those factors which enhance the disease process’. (16)

Music is now used to reduce the pain and anxiety of patients undergoing dental treatment and surgical operations. In a study of 59,000 patients, 97% of patients stated that music really helped them to relax in the post-operative situation and during surgery in regional anaesthesia. (17)

In his research, Dr Mike Lewis found that classical music works on the whole brain, whereas pop music affects only one side of the brain. He says, ‘I recommend that those who are looking for a peak experience try classical. Mozart is a great place to start, but it is a question of trial and error, find what works for you.’ (18)





1)      Water Test 

Take unfiltered water from a tap; try this simple experiment by pouring an equal amount into 5 glasses. Then place Cosmic Healing Disc under one of the glasses before asking a sample group to taste the water. 

In my experiment 8 out of 10 adults correctly identified the water that had been subtly charged by placing Cosmic Healing Disc and 9 out of 10 children said which taste sweeter. Water can exchange energies in ways which science had yet to comprehend. 

By placing Cosmic Healing Disc under the glass of water you had activated the bio-energy channeled by the cosmic force. The water taste sweeter, smoother, and stale tastes of unfiltered water disintegrate.  

You can use it as a Coaster to place your glass on it. Drink the energized drink daily it helps clears your negative aura. And an improved of total well being.

Place the disc on your water heater to get an invigorating bath. Your skin shall be smoother and also your hair after a shower feels softer.

Place a small amount of energized water on your palm rub both hands together feel the water dried up fast or get absorbed into your skin. You do not feel bloated or full when you consume energized water. 

2)      Liquor Test

Try using Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Liqueurs i.e. Gin, Brandy, etc…pour a small amount into a glass place Cosmic Healing Disc beneath the glass for about 5-30 minutes the longer you place it there the better it taste! Try its smoother flavor and your mouth feel with less of a burning sensation.

3)      Cigarette Test 

Light a cigar or cigarette inhale be aware of the taste and sensation. Then place Cosmic Healing Disc directly beneath the cigarette filter hold it with your fingers. Inhale. Feel any difference? Is the cigar or cigarette flavor taste now seems mild. Cosmic Healing Disc actually absorbed or filters out substances.  Some people even claimed that by placing near Cosmic Healing Disc their entire pack of cigarette is tasteless! 

4)      Coffee and Tea Fragrance Test

 Use energized water from Cosmic Healing Disc to make your coffee and tea brings out an aroma which is better and milder taste. 

5)      Freshness Test 

If you use tap water to wash, soak or clean other fruits, raw food, meat or vegetables, these foodstuffs shall not last long. The freshness of the meat, fruits and vegetables will also be shortened compared to energized water using Cosmic Healing Disc (lasting at least 3 times longer).  Rice cooked using energized Cosmic Healing Disc lasts 3 times longer than using tap water before it turns rancid. The food does not rot and tastes delicious. 

6)      Salt Test 

Get 2 small salt shaker, filled it with salt. Pour a small amount from each salt shaker, taste the salt. Be aware how it taste; Very salty, salty, or less salty.

Next only place one salt shaker under the Cosmic Healing Disc.  

Leave it for a one minute then test the salt again, try the salt shaker without the

Cosmic Healing Disc. Then taste the salt shaker which is energized by the Cosmic Healing Disc. 

Taste the difference very obvious the salt taste less salty, with the Cosmic Healing Disc.

7)      Milk Does Not Turn Rancid 

If you mix milk with energized water with Cosmic Healing Disc the milk will not turn rancid as fast as if you mix with ordinary water. The taste is more refreshing. 

8)      Aquarium Tests 

Place or stick a Cosmic Healing Disc on your aquarium ensures they are placed correctly; the three completed lines must be on the top. You will soon discover that you require less changing of water since it remains cleaner, way longer. The water is very clear and transparent. If you were to place your finger into the energize water feel the softness of the water. The smell of the fish is much lessened as compared to previously.  

9)      Kirlian Aura Photography 

Take a Kirlian aura photography without Cosmic Healing Disc .Then have your photo taken with aura photography when you wear Cosmic Healing Disc, the aura photography will show an extensive improvement to your aura.  

Compare both aura photographs. See the difference. 

10)   Carbonated Drink or Soft Drink Test 

Pour out some soft drink into a glass. Take a small sip taste the soft drink, feel the carbon dioxide gas in the drink. Now take and place it under the glass wait for 40 seconds then taste the soft drink again. This time does it seem that the carbon dioxide gas in the drink seems less? The soft drink tingly fizz and bubbles are less.  

11)   Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology) 

Hold a glass of ordinary water with your weaker hand and with the other  hand raise the other arm to shoulder level, and hold it strongly there. Have someone try to push it down. Now use the same glass of water but this time place the Cosmic Healing Disc under the glass, try repeating the exercise. Can you feel the difference? Astonishingly, your hand feels stronger with Cosmic Healing Disc.   

12)   Pets 

Feed the Cosmic Healing Disc energized water to your pet and see the difference in 2 to 3 weeks. They will look healthier and are active most of the time. 

13)  Mung Bean Sprouts 

Soak the bean seeds for 30 minutes; one with Cosmic Healing Disc energized water and the other half with tap water or distilled water. Place it on a well humidified sand or saw dust in well ventilated room temperature for a week.

Keep sprinkling the Cosmic Healing Disc energized water and tap water accordingly.

Check the length of the roots with a string and measure. Definitely the roots of the beans that received Cosmic Healing Disc energized water would be much longer, healthier and growth faster than those that were given tap water or distilled water.

These bean sprouts are activated by the aura energy of Cosmic Healing Disc and grow very well. 

14)  Cut flower Test 

Place in a vase cut flower with energized Cosmic Healing Disc water. And another vase cut flower and place with tap water. Compare after several days which will last longer? Extends the life of cut flowers! 

The use of a simple flower can sometimes demonstrate the efficacy of Cosmic Healing Disc energized water.   

Using two, equally mature, Gerbera Daisies, one was immersed in tap water, the other was placed in the Cosmic Healing Disc energized water. After 7 days, the daisy in the Cosmic Healing Disc energized water was still vibrant and fresh; the other, was limp and wilted.

15) Lemon Test 

Cut 2 slice of lemon, exposed one piece of the lemon with the Cosmic Healing Disc by rubbing the slice of lemon on the surface of the Disc. Then leave it on the surface of the Disc for 15 minutes. While the other slice leave it unexposed or contact with the  Cosmic Healing Disc make sure they are placed a distance apart each other about 5 meters away. Otherwise both slice of lemon would taste the same. 

After 15 minutes, suck the lemon slice exposed to the Cosmic Healing Disc and then test the other lemon slice which is unexposed. Compare the difference in the taste of the 2 slices of cut lemon the one exposed to the Cosmic Healing Disc would taste less sour as compared to the other.


Cosmic Healing Disc are now available in several forms:

By wearing the pendant:

Expect to feel a greater sense of well being.

Expect to be more connected with your intuition.

Expect to feel revitalized and energized to enable you to accomplish and achieve your goals in life.

Expect to resonate at a higher level so you're part of the flow. When you're in the flow, you attract wonderful, things, events and people into your life.

Healers should have one to increased their power to heal others and also prevent negative energy being transferred to them during the healing process.

The Cosmic Healing Disc are designed to protect not only from negative ELF and EMF (low frequency electromagnetic energy fields) caused by cell phones, microwaves, television, computers, etc..., but also from other negatives entities!

Buy Now at USD79.00

The Cosmic Healing Disc - Large Metal Disc

This Cosmic Healing Disc was created and embossed on a Metal Plate for installing at the main entrance of home, office for Feng Shui purpose it can deflect Sha Qi, counteract bad qi from entering home, office, factory,etc locations which are prone to have bad Feng Shui environment.

Think of the possibilities it can do, besides deflecting Sha Qi it can also be used to enhanced and improves general well being. Can be placed in home where there are reports of paranormal activities, can be used for exorcism.

Buy Now at USD108.00

The Cosmic Healing Disc - Coaster

This water Coaster can be used to energized water, place a glass of water under the Coaster for 10-15 minutes, feel the difference. It would change the water structure to taste better, enhanced the flavor of coffee, tea, try placing a carbonated drink i.e. Coke. You can drink the entire can of coke in one gulp without getting choked with the Co2.

Water being energized with the Cosmic Healing Disc when used to water plants grow faster and last longer for cut flowers in a vase. Try using a cheap bottle of scotch whisky pour into 2 small glass and have only one glass energized with the Cosmic Healing Disc Coaster, while leaving the other glass as a control sample without exposing it. Leave it for at least 30 minutes one glass of the scotch whisky on the Coaster. Take a sip compare the one without being energized.

The one being energized would taste less of a burning sensation the flavor is enhanced. While the other control samples would taste a strong flavor and a burning sensation when swallowed. For insomnia use four bottle of unopened mineral water, energized separately each four bottles of water on the coaster for 8 hours, then place the four bottles of energized water on the four corners of your bed. Try this you would sleep better.

The possibilities are endless to use the Cosmic Healing Disc Coaster. Try the test suggested above.

 Buy Now at USD89.00

 The Cosmic Healing Disc - Six Card Series

The Cosmic Healing Disc card series are created for different purpose, each card is unique.
Its a laminated card that contains Far Infrared Nano Technology capable of emitting Far infrared rays. It can be kept in your car for protection, carry in your wallet or purse, place on your working desk to prevent EMF and radiation, Can be carried in your pocket for general well being, used to relieve pain by first heating up the card with a hairdryer and then place it on the affected part to relieve pain.


After absorbing outside heat energy, it can release far infrared ray with 4~14micron wavelength, which is easily absorbed by human body, and consistent with vibration frequency of human body’s atom. Make aging or dying cells regenerate and enhance energy, functions and vital of cells. Enlarge the blood flow and stimulate the microcirculation to strengthen metabolism and immune ability of human body.


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