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Courses in Taoist Talismans For Feng Shui Enhancement  

This is a 3-days course focusing on  how to utilize Talismans for Feng Shui Enhancement and resolving problems associated with our life.



Who should attend this course?

1) These who wished to use Talismans to Complement and Improve their Feng Shui environment.

2) These that practice alternative health care.

3) Reiki healers, which perform healing to help others.

4) New Age groups interested in Metaphysic.

5) Spiritual healers, dowsers, crystals healer, energy healing, vibrational medicine, astrologer, etc...

This is your chance to attend an exclusive Taoist Talismans course first ever introduced to the West! Talismans are edicts or commands from the spiritual realms, it encompass the communication to spirits, ghosts and gods. Its a special written form of calligraphy that utilize symbols, mantra's and mudra's (hand gestures).

Taoist talismans can be used to invoke gods, deities, protect a household, improve your business, attract wealth, enhance relationship, dispelled sorcery, activating good "Chi", dissolve a bone lodged on throat, arrest bleedings, prevent burglary, prenatal protection, etc...

The talismans are usually drawn for various purposes. Each practitioner from different lineages of Taoist schools has their own way of drawing talismans, activating talismans, rituals to perform, and their form of talismans which is usually handed down from their past lineage of teachers. These may comprise of various Mantras, Mudras (hand gestures), rituals, and invocation to empower and bless these talismans.

Most of these talismans are guarded secret which are never revealed to the uninitiated. As they are so sacred. And some of these Talismans and rituals are so deadly that it can caused harm, injury, insanity and even death when use upon their enemies.

In this Course you will learn;

i) Learn to write Chinese characters which are essential in the talismans.

ii) A set of Feng shui talismans to enhance and resolve insoluble issues i.e. facing a cemetery, lamp post, cul-de-sac  or facing an obstruction.

iii) Talismans for enhancing and blessings.

iv) If there is an available time we will conduct a spiritual travel to the astral realms using Taoist Mysticism. 

v) Discussion on exorcism for a haunted house or paranormal activities.

vi) On site Demonstration to show you the existence of the power of Talismans that can perform UNBELIEVABLE feats, you have to see this personally! For the first time we shall reveal and show you how it's done! Some talismans can release powerful "Chi" when deployed. NEVER in the past dare anyone claim the existence of Talismanic power!  

What you will get in this course?

An instruction Manual be given 200++pages full illustration of all the talismans taught.

A set of talismans paper

Writing materials

A special CD of the mantra's or incantation used in empowering talismans

Laminated picture of Taoist deities

Chinese characters practice booklet and

An initiation to practice Taoist Talismans (Optional)

A certificate will be given on the completion of the course

Benefits associated with learning Talismans;

i) Able to resolve issue pertaining to Feng shui inadequacy & to complement Feng Shui solution.

ii) Enhance and improve one's wealth, success and health.

iii) Protection from calamities, paranormal activities, hex, curses or witchcraft.

iv) Learn how to perform simple ritual for enhancing relationship and getting rid of unwanted hostility with loved ones and colleagues.

v) New found ability to help your self and others in need.


A course manual with over 200++pages be given to participants, below are the contents of the manual which will be used in the workshop.

Chapter 1: An Introduction of Taoist Talismans

                  Comparatives talismans available in the communities.

Chapter 2: Requirement & Preparation of Talismans

Chapter 3: The basic structure of Talismans

Chapter 4: Materials used and the type of rituals.

Chapter 5: Selection of auspicious day, precautions for drawing Talismans

Chapter 6: How to use Talismans?

Chapter 7: Q & A Session


Chapter 8: Sets of Talismans used for Feng shui enhancement and resolving inadequacy.

Chapter 9: Application of Talismans in Feng shui, anointing sacred objects i.e. Ba gua.

Chapter 10: Feng Shui Talismans to counteract Sha from external environment

Chapter 11: Talisman to counteract Five Direction Physical Sha

Chapter 12: Talismans & rituals to get rid of paranormal activities & improve environment


Chapter 13: Talismans for Improving Business

Chapter 14: Talismans for Wealth, Success and Prosperity

Chapter 15: Talismans for Enhancing and Improving Social Relationship

Chapter 16: Talismans for Romance  

Chapter 17: Talismans for Success in Examination

Chapter 18: Talismans for Earth-breaking, during renovation and preventing Sha

Chapter 19: Talismans for Protection of Home and Personal

Chapter 20:  Talismans to counteract sorcery, ghosts and spirits

Chapter 21: Rituals to banish hostile spirits, ghost and restore one's well being.

Chapter 22: Rituals for Exorcism on possessed person.

Chapter 23: Rituals for getting rid of bad luck and calamities


Chapter 23: i) Talismans to pacify colicky babies

                    ii) Talismans to dissolve bones lodged on throat

                    iii) Talismans to arrest bleeding

                    iv) Talismans for healing

                     v) Talismans for cleansing and improving ones well being

                    vi)  Talismans for prevention of recurring nightmares

NOTE:  Course contents are subject to change without further notice.  The course will be conducted IN ENGLISH      

For course itinerary.  Please send us an email at

Venue: San Francisco, United States of America (29,30,31 August 2010)

Course Fees: USD1,200.00 (Pay after 1st July 2010)

                       USD1,000.00 (Pay before 1st July 2010)

Further Discounts are available for Group Bookings of 3 pax above or more.

Registration is strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis and your registration can only be confirmed once  payment is made. REGISTER HERE

Please book early to avoid disappointment as we wish to keep the class to a manageable size where Wilson can give equal attention to all participants.

1. NO REFUND for cancellations but seats are transferable.
2. The organiser reserves the right to substitute the speakers, venue and date of event.
3. No receipt will be issued unless upon request.

All Asia seminars will be held in Malaysia.  However, if you find 10 or more participants in your own country, then the seminar will be held there. 

Experienced Affiliates / Sponsor / Organizer required.  Please email for more information.

I accept one to one student / discipleship please email me:


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