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Courses in Tzu Wei Astrology (Purple Star Astrology)  

This is a 3-months course in Purple Star Astrology .

Who should attend this course?

1) These who are interested to learn about their destiny.

2) These that practice Metaphysic, to enhance their skills by combining Purple Star Astrology with Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny).

3) Entrepreneur that wished to use Purple Star Astrology for their advantages in selecting business associates, and staff recruitment.

4) New Age groups interested in Metaphysic.

5) Spiritual healers, dowsers, crystals healer, energy healing, vibrational medicine, astrologer, etc...

This is your chance to attend an exclusive Tzu wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) course with real or actual case studies! Tzu Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) is the key to unlock your destiny and the hidden abilities and attributes that one may discover.

Tzu Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) would enable one to discover your entire life blueprint, there are 12 palaces which one can study and interpret the areas of life i.e. i) Life Palace, ii) Property Palace iii) Marital Palace iv) Children Palace v) Wealth Palace vi) Fortune Palace vii) Travel Palace viii) Friends Palace ix) Siblings Palace x) Health Palace xi) Career Palace xii) Parents Palace xii) and 13 Palace. 

In this Course you will learn;

i) Learn to compute the 12 Palaces on the chart which are essential before one can interpret the auspicious stars and inauspicious stars.

ii) Interpretation of all the auspicious and inauspicious stars and also the helpers stars that can reinforced a good chart and and also weaken inauspicious stars.

iii) Solution are also given to participants if they encounters inauspicious stars in their chart. For the first time this is revealed in this course, if you had previously attended any courses in Purple Star Astrology no solution are given. This is the only course that can reveal this crucial information, otherwise it would be worthless to learn if there is no solution given.

iv) Discussion and analysis of charts are to be disclosed in the course to enable one to be familarize on the interpretation done by professionals.

v) In this course Tzu Wei Feng Shui techniques will also be revealed!

What you will get in this course?

An Course Manual be given 200++pages full illustration of all the charts and interpretations.

A Certificate will be given on the completion of the course. Upon completion of the course one will be certified as a Master Practitioner by Dr.Wilson Yong, Ph.D. 

Benefits associated with learning Talismans;

i) Able to resolve issue pertaining to Feng shui inadequacy & to complement Feng Shui solution using Tzu Wei Feng Shui.

ii) Enhance and improve one's wealth, success and health.

iii) Predict yearly occurence of world events, and also your individual charts how one's luck will fare during the current year and predict all future events.

iv) Learn how to perform simple ritual for enhancing relationship and getting rid of unwanted hostility with loved ones and colleagues.

v) New found ability to help your self and others in need.


NOTE:  Course contents are subject to change without further notice.  The course will be conducted IN ENGLISH      

For course itinerary.  Please send us an email at

Venue: NW3A-05 Cova Square, Jalan Teknologi PJU 5, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Commencing:  28 May 2011 (This is a 3 months course with classes of 2 times a week)

Course Fees: Please send us an email at

Registration is strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis and your registration can only be confirmed once  payment is made.

Please book early to avoid disappointment as we wish to keep the class to a manageable size where Dr. Wilson can give equal attention to all participants.

1. NO REFUND for cancellations but seats are transferable.
2. The organiser reserves the right to substitute the speakers, venue and date of event.
3. No receipt will be issued unless upon request.

All Asia seminars will be held in Malaysia.  However, if you find 10 or more participants in your own country, then the seminar will be held there. 

Experienced Affiliates / Sponsor / Organizer required.  Please email for more information.



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