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The Wealth Talisman of Eight Directions  

The Wealth Talisman of the Eight Directions

Name: The Wealth Talisman of the Eight Directions

Year: 2011

Batch: 1st Batch originally created for close disciples and students only, by request of his students he had now made available 99pcs only to be offered to students and previous client.

Color: Orange

Material: Cloth.

Size: 10.5' width x 17' length

Ceremony: Dr.Wilson Yong created this talisman in an auspicious time and strongly blessed for long time by himself. This is one of the sacred talisman or objects that are sought after by lots of Liu Ren Sect students as this is the first time its made available. 

Presented: This cloth talisman had the talismans drawn in all the eight angles or directions, it had the blessings of the following deities:

1) Pu An Deity for Wealth

2) Lord Tai Shang Lao Zun for protection

3) Liu Ren Xian Shi for protection

4) Jin Niu Zhu Shi deity for wealth and protection

5) Na Zha, Jin Zha and Mu Zha the three brother's deity exorcising demons and ghosts

6) Tian De He deity for Wealth and success

7) Kuan Yin (Avalokitesvara) for bodily protection

8) Lu Shan Xian Shi, Mao Shan Fa Shi, Bei Dou Xing Jun, Nan Dou Xing Jun and other deities blessings

The Wealth Talisman of the Eight Directions:

1. Protection from any physical harm.

2. Protection from all forms of blackmagic and also spiritual entities.

3. Bring Wealth, Luck, Success, and Good Business from the eight directions.

Use: Carry this cloth talisman at all times. Or one can frame this talisman and hang at the business premises of one home or office.





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  • Talisman
  • Title: The Wealth Talisman of Eight Directions

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