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SPI Halloween Bash @ Bottle Tree Chalet
on 3 November, Saturday

Treats or tricks? Why not get both on this SPI Halloween Bash 2007 – the Spookiest Ever Event. On Saturday 3 November 2007, you are invited to join us for a series of exciting activities at Bottle Tree Chalet. Chalet, BBQ, Funfare, Investigation and Experiments.

For the first time ever, SPI organizes a marathon of paranormal investigation and experiments that include but not limited to the following:

Salty Demons 盐魔
Banana Tree Spirits 芭蕉精
Toyol’s Lair 鬼仔窖
Spooky Orbs 真假飘灵
Haunted House 1408 驚悚鬼屋

On that night, we will have an honorable presence of a Guest-of-Honor from Malaysia, Master Wilson who is an experienced practitioner in exorcism and well-versed in Talisman magick (fa shu). Educated in Australia with a Master degree, Master Wilson is a metaphysic researcher, and an initiated Taoist of Western Upper Heaven Sect. By his knowledge and research, Wilson has authored a collection of paranormal-related documentary books about Taoist secrets, such as:

The Secret of Taoist Talismans ISBN 983-3206-00-X
The Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth Practice ISBN 983-3206-11-5
The Secret to The Mysterious World of Taoist Magic ISBN 983-3206-02-6
The Taoist Deities: Ritual & Practice Revealed ISBN 983-3206-04-2
The Secret to Unleash the Power of Taoist Talismans ISBN 983-3206-05-0
The Power of Secret Mudras ISBN 983-3206-03-4

Forget about latex rubber and faked costume-ghosts from toy shops in this Halloween. We are talking about real stuff. In conjunction to our SPI experiments, Master is going to conduct rituals to conjure up “real” ghosts for SPI to verify. Yes. Real!

(Of course, for safety reasons, the whole proceeding will be carried out under Master’s supervision and advice.)

You would however be invited to partake in our gadget detection, by having hands-on experiences on our latest 2nd generation of ghost hunting gadgets, that are unparallel to which of any other group.

In addition, a parapsychological post-analysis would be carried out in order to rationally explain the unexplained. Is spectral phenomenon a matter of subjective experience or real physical existence? Whether you are a believer or skeptics, come find out in this year’s SPI Halloween Bash. We will put the subject of “Ghost” under test via a fusion of spiritual rites and scientific instruments. It is certainly going to be an eye-opening experience to everybody.

Don’t miss out this unique SPI Halloween Bash 2007, which comes with a Holiday Chalet, Yummy BBQ, Costume funfare, Investigation and Experiments.

Date / Time:
Saturday 3 November, 4:30pm till dawn
(Chalet check out at noon the following day)

Bottle Tree Village Chalet
60 Jalan Mempurong, Sembawang

4:30pm Registration
5:00pm Seminar by Guest-of-Honor, Master Wilson – topics on “Talisman Magic in Dealing with Ghosts”
6:30pm Briefing for later investigation
7:30pm Potluck BBQ
9:00pm Costume Funfare & Photo Taking Sessions
11:00pm Treasure Hunt in Haunted House 1408
12:00am Investigation & Experiments start

Dawn Return to chalet or RIP !

$8 SPI Agents
$10 SPI Friends, Supernatural Members, Organise4u members
$12 Public

Suggest to prepare 3 sets of clothing – a casual wear, SPI t-shirt, and Halloween Costume (and make up ~ wee!)

How to get there:
BUS: SBS Bus 882 from Interchange Sembawang MRT Station. Stop at the road outside Andrew Ave. Then 15– 20 Min walk in to Jalan Mempurong.

CAR: From Sembawang Road, head all the way to the end, in the direction of Sembawang Park, past the Sembawang Straits estate. When you come to Andrew Ave (where some pretty nice houses are being built), turn right and follow the signs leading into Jalan Mempurong where Bottle Tree Village is located. If you see the Sembawang Mosque along the way, you're on the right track.

Click here to see maps for direction
Map 1
Map 2

Advised to bring torch light, camera, some snacks and drinks, and insect repellent. Bring a towel and toilette in case you use the chalet facility
Personal belongings are advised to put in a lockable bag

Email the following details to with subject "SPI Halloween at Bottle Tree Chalet"
* Your full name
* Your SPI forum nick (You are welcome to join our forum if you aren’t a forum user yet: Click here)
* Your I/C number (for security reasons)
* Your email address
* Your contact number (It is very important that you provide a contactable number)
* Indicate your membership (e.g. SPI Agents, SPI Friends, or public)
* Indicate if you would like to be a volunteer or observer during the experiments
* Indicate what food you would like to bring for the potluck BBQ
(Updates on the food items will be posted at the forum)

Payment will be collected at the Bottle Tree Chalet during registration on 3rd November

Sales of books and SPI t-shirts, and will be available during the events. (Please drop an email to to pre-order)

Our itinerary may change without prior notice, should the situation changes

For more information about SPI Friend membership, click here.

Book now, come along with your friends for this exciting SPI Halloween Bash. Seats are limited, book early now to secure your seat.

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