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The Invulnerability Talisman of Liu Ren Sect  

The Invulnerability Talisman of Liu Ren Sect

Name: The Invulnerability Talisman of Liu Ren Sect

Year: 2011

Batch: 1st Batch originally created for close disciples and students only, by request of his students he had now made available 99pcs only to be offered to students and previous client.

Color: Orange

Material: Cloth.

Size: 10.5' width x 17' length

Ceremony: Dr.Wilson Yong created this talisman in an auspicious time and strongly blessed for long time by himself. This is one of the sacred talisman or objects that are sought after by lots of Liu Ren Sect students as this is the first time its made available. 

Presented: This cloth talisman had an image of a bronze man (suggest invulnerability) surrendering, one hand holds the seal mudra and the other hand the sword mudra. The entire body is covered with sacred talismans to protect the beholder from any injuries, harm and accidents. Whosoever who beholds this talismans will be protected from any harm inflicted by sharp object, knifes, swords, machette, etc...

According to an informer that had witness an event whereby this cloth talisman was placed on a tree, several shots were fired at the talisman none of the bullet graze or manage to penetrate the cloth. There we not even any burn marks on the talismans. This talismans had magical powers that can make one invulnerable. Usually worn by temple spirit mediums for protections.  

The Invulnerability Talisman of Liu Ren Sect:

1. Protection from any disaster, sharp objects that may inflict harm on one's.

2. Power of invulnerability.

3. Supports one's, ensure that whatever one does will be supported and uphold one from falling into bad condition.

4. Protection from all forms of blackmagic and also spiritual entities.

5. Bring Wealth, Luck, Success, and Good Business.

Use: Carry this cloth talisman at all times.

Strict Taboos: (otherwise this talisman will never work)

1) One must not commit adultery.

2) Must not be disrespectful to others and one's parents (or to curse or swear by reference to their parents).

3) One must never pass under clothes line with undergarments.

4) One must never pass by a single bridgehead (i.e. bridgehead at the ferry).

5) One must never be arrogant and challenge other to fight or incite others.





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  • Talisman
  • Title: The Invulnerability Talisman of Liu Ren Sect

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