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The Wealth Talisman of the Four Auspicious Animals  

The Wealth Talisman of the Four Auspicious Animals

Name: The Wealth Talisman of the Four Auspicious Animals

Year: 2011

Batch: 1st Batch originally created for close disciples and students only, by request of his students he had now made available 99pcs only to be offered to students and previous client.

Color: Orange

Material: Cloth.

Size: 11.69' width 16.54' length

Ceremony: Dr.Wilson Yong created this talisman in an auspicious time and strongly blessed for long time by himself. This is one of the sacred talisman or objects that are sought after by lots of Liu Ren Sect students as this is the first time its made available. 

Presented: This cloth talisman had an image of the four auspicious animals, namely; Dragon (East/Wood), Phoenix (South/Fire), Tiger (West/Metal) and the Turtle (North/Water). In Feng shui principles the four directions are represented by the four auspicious animals.

In the talisman there is the upper parts and lower parts of the talismans, usually some taoist masters would separate or remove part of it as an inidividual talismans, however here this is the combined talismans, that are initially separated as some taoist master's are reluctant to reveal the entire full talismans, as the power of the combined talismans can invoke tremendous power, it can bring Indirect wealth (windfall luck or unexpected luck from speculations, investments) and also Direct wealth (income generated from principal source of activities i.e. business, trading).

The Wealth Talisman of the Four Auspicious Animals:

1. Ensures one will have abundant wealth, and prosperity.

2. This talismans also protect one from loss of wealth or prevent one's wealth being plundered by others.

3. One's shall be successful in all your endeavours.

4. Bring Wealth, Luck, Success, and Good Business.

5. One will be respected by others, by the power of the four celestial animals.

Use: Carry this cloth talisman at all times.

Strict Taboos:

One must ensure that this talisman is wrap up and folded in a plastic pouch to protect it.




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  • Talisman
  • Title: The Wealth Talisman of the four Auspicious Animals

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