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YANG GONG FENGSHUI (ISBN 978-983-43773-0-4)


Yang Gong FengShui is a FengShui method developed by Yang Jun Song (834--904AD), and its essence and original methodology had been preserved by several Tangs (or loosely called Schools) in China.

Most of these Tangs are found in the province of JiangXi, China and most strikingly, there is a village near the city of XinGuo, in Mei Jiao district, called SanLiao where there are are only two surnames living in this village of 4000.  These are the descendants of Yang Jun Song’s two most illustrious of disciples: Ceng Wen Can and Liao Yu.

Here, one can still find ancient teachings of Yang Jun Song still being practiced to this day.

The original teachings of Yang Jun Song had, since his passing, had gone thru a thousand plus years of evolvement and many things had happened in between.  Presently, Yang Gong FengShui is divided between those who stick to the old method as propagated by Yang Jun Song himself, popularly called Yang Gong Gu Fa (Yang Gong Ancient Method) and those that practice the New Methods as developed by his disciples, which is popularly called Yang Gong Xin Fa..

Most of Yang Jun Song’s writings too were disputed and there is some controversy concerning a few titles that were attributed to him but were really suspect. Two such books are Han Long Jing and Yi Long Jing, that appeared many years after Yang’s death.  There are two camps – some believed that these two books were written by him and some don’t.

There had been accusations and counter accusations of misinterpretations and alteration of Yang Jun Song’s Teachings and writings to suit the understanding of those who misinterpreted and altered his texts. Two such books are -- Qing Rang Ao Yu and Tian Yu Jing, that were incorporated into XuanKong teachings.

It is not the intention of this book to argue about who is right or who is wrong in interpreting Yang’s works.  But what this book does is to try to disseminate the supposedly original teachings of Yang Jun Song as propagated by GanZhou Yu Che Tang of China.  The interpretation of Yang Jun Song’s teachings by this Tang, is very logical and even borders on the ‘scientific’.

The reader will be introduced to these original teachings and the methodology of Yang Gong FengShui:- 

Chapter is about the life of Yang Jun Song;

Chapter two leads the reader to understand the different interpretations of ShengQi; 

Chapter 3 clarifies the much misunderstood or misquoted term of Water gate or Shui Kou;

Chapter 4 disputes the common notion of Yin and Yang in relation to Mountain and Water;

Chapter 5 enlightens the reader on the correct usage of the DiPan, and describes what DianDianDao and 72 dragons is all about;

Chapter 6 teaches the reader how to use the TianPan for auditing of mountains and waters (Xiao Sha Na Shui);

Chapter 7 is an expose of the different Tangs of Yang Gong FengShui;

Chapter 8 exposes the audit procedures of Yang gong FengShi to the readers; and lastly

Chapter 9 reveals the secret of Qing Rang Ao Yu. 


The last chapter of this book, which is about the correct interpretation of the first paragraph of Qing Rang Ao Yu, offers the readers a glimpse into the secrets of Yang Gong FengShui.

This is probably the first ever English book on Yang Gong FengShui, and

the Author fervently hope that this book will help promote Yang Gong FengShui to the Western World and to those fengshui enthusiasts who does not read or write Chinese.






Reviews by Readers:

A "MUST READ" book for those who are interested to know how Feng Shui was practised during the Imperial Days in China. No Flying Stars or 8 Mansions but just purely landforms (Luan Tou). Unlikely to find some of the facts being taught in the present day Feng Shui Classes (even those costing few thousand dollars).

E.E.Goh.  Malaysia

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